How To Know If Roomba Is Charging (2023) – Simple and Easy

Here’s the short answer to the question; how to know if Roomba is charging?

Press the “CLEAN” button on your Roomba and check your battery indicator. If the color of the battery indicator is amber, then Roomba is charging. If solid green color appears, it means full charge. And the red color means the battery is low.

If you want a detailed answer, then keep reading. I have given a detailed answer on Roomba charging and different color indicators.

Roomba is Charging or Not

Press the “CLEAN” button on Roomba, and check the indicator light. But if your Roomba is one of the recent models, it may not show any light on charging.

Your indicator light shows clearly whether your vacuum is charging or not. Here are the basic colors that appear on the indicator light. By these colors, you will know about the status of the battery.

  1. Green means it’s charged fully.
  2. Amber means the battery is partially discharged.
  3. Pulsing amber means the vacuum is charging.
  4. Red means it’s nearly discharged.
  5. Flashing red means the energy is running out.

Roomba Models With Colour Indicators

How to know if Roomba is charging

This table will help you to understand when Roomba is charging or not.

ModelChargingFully ChargedPartially ChargedNo
Low BatterySoftware
Light during charging
Roomba 500 seriesAmber PulseGreenAmberAmber PulseRedNonePulse after 4 sec
Roomba 600 seriesAmber PulseGreenAmberAmber PulseRedNonePulse after 4 sec
Roomba 700 seriesAmber PulseGreenNoneRedRedNonelight for 60 seconds
Roomba 800 seriesAmber PulseGreenNoneRedRedNonelight for 60 seconds
Roomba 900 seriesAmber PulseGreenNoneRedRedNonelight for 60 seconds
i3 and i3+Blinking whiteWhiteNoneRedAmber PulseWhite squirlNo
i7 and i7+Blinking whiteWhiteNoneRedAmber PulseWhite squirlYes

What to Do When Roomba is Not Charging

How to know if Roomba is charging

When something doesn’t charge or doesn’t work properly, we are frustrated. I get that feeling. Roomba vacuum performs only when they are fully charged. So what to do when Roomba is not charging?

You can try these steps to solve your Roomba charging problem.

  • Replace the battery. 
  • Clean the contact points. 
  • Clean the docking station. 
  • Fix the battery position.
  • Check the power source.
  • Reset your Roomba.
  • Factory reset Roomba.

Here’s a detailed guide to the above points.

1. Replace The Battery

A faulty Roomba battery can cause issues; in some cases, you may not know whether the Roomba is charging.

A Roomba battery can last 2-4 years and can do an average of 400 recharges. Simply unlock your battery compartment, get a new battery, place it in the compartment, and lock it back.

Don’t worry Roomba battery is not expensive, and you can get it easily.

2. Fix The Battery Position

In some cases, a slight change in your battery position can be the issue if Roomba is not charging

This issue usually happens during the shipping process when you bought a new Roomba. If that’s your case. Then don’t worry, your battery is alright and you just need to fix its position.

3. Reset Your Roomba Machine

Reset your Roomba if it’s not charging. Follow these steps to reset your Roomba.

1. Press and hold the dock and CLEAN button.

2. Hold it until it makes a beep sound.

3. Now release the button and Roomba will reset.

4. Factory Reset Your Roomba Machine

Follow these steps to factory reset your Roomba.

1. Press and hold the Home and CLEAN button for 10-15 seconds.

2. Then release the button and Roomba will factory reset.

5. Clean The Contact Points

While using the Roomba vacuum cleaner, dirt can build up on its contact points.

Clean the contact points of the vacuum cleaner with a soft cotton cloth or a dry fiber, and see if the Roomba is charging or not. After cleaning, plug it back.

6. Clean The Docking Station

With the charging contact points, the connection ports of the dock station can also become dirty. When too much dirt gathered between those ports. It can cause charging problems.

You can clean the docking station by simply rubbing the dock station with alcohol. Then see whether the Roomba is charging or not.

7. Check The Power Source

Check your power outlets. The power outlets must provide enough power for the Roomba to charge. If the outlet is faulty, it will not charge Roomba.

So if your outlet is faulty, replace it with a new one.

Meaning of Blue Light On The Roomba Vacuum

Some models of Roomba vacuum cleaners like the iSeries and s9 robot vacuums use blue color to indicate a particular thing.

  • Blue sweep forward – Roomba is emptying the bin into the clean base
  • Blue Clockwise Spinner – Roomba is in Wi-Fi pairing mode
  • Flashing blue – When dirt detection is activated
  • Blue Counterclockwise Swirling – Roomba is spot cleaning
  • Blue ping – Roomba detected a virtual wall
  • Blue marching forward – Roomba is returning to the docking unit


In this article, I have walked you through various steps to follow if your Roomba is charging or not. If your problem is not solved, check our related articles.

In the future, I will be uploading more related articles. Click here to learn more about Roomba, their comparisons, and the best iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaners.


1. What is The Average Lifespan of a Roomba Battery?

The average Roomba vacuum battery can last 2-4 years, some models can last more. So it’s advised to buy a Roomba that lasts longer.

2. How Long Does it Take For a Roomba to Charge Fully?

Roomba will take at least 2 hours to charge fully. But charging time depends upon the model and the battery condition. If your Roomba’s battery is good, then it will charge fully in 2-3 hours.

3. Can a Roomba Battery be Replaced?

Yes, a Roomba battery is completely replaceable. You can remove the battery of iRobot Roomba by removing the bottom cover and then remove your original Roomba battery that is faulty. Then place the new battery in that place, place the bottom cover back on, and tighten the four screws.

4. What Happens if The Power Goes Out While my Roomba is Charging?

If a power outage occurs, it will cause no bad effect. Your Roomba will pause the charging process. When the power reoccurs, it will simply continue the charging from where it left off.

5. How To Know If My Roomba Battery Is Bad?

If these signs occur, then consider buying a new Roomba.

  • The power light doesn’t display.
  • The Roomba vacuum is very old.
  • The unit performs poorly even after the reset.
  • The power light doesn’t display on its screen.
  • The battery doesn’t hold up any longer

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