How Long Should You Charge Nest Thermostat? (Easy Guide)

In the world of smart home technology, smart thermostats had gained a lot of popularity. They control the temperature of the house more efficiently.

A thermostat which is called Nest thermostat has become famous because of its premium features and optimized performance. Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat. But a question arises among the people that…

How Long Should You Charge Nest Thermostat? Your Nest Thermostat will charge in 30 minutes. But, if your thermostat’s battery is fully finished. Then your Nest thermostat will take 2 hours to fully recharge.

Nest thermostat usually recharges the battery itself. But, if you are away from your house and you turn off the thermostat, then it might deplete the battery. In that case, the thermostat will need USB charging.

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How to Charge Nest Thermostat With a USB Port?

How long should you charge nest thermostat

Charging your Nest thermostat through a USB port is quite simple. Follow the steps below.

1.Cut the power supply of the display.

2.Take off the Thermostat from the installation point.

3.Connect the thermostat via a USB port or a suitable adapter.

4.To check if it’s working or not, see the front light on the thermostat. If it’s blinking then it confirms that the thermostat is charging. The colour of the light depends on the battery level of the thermostat. Your thermostat will charge in 30 minutes normally. But if the battery is drained completely, then it will take 2 hours to charge it completely.

Which USB is Compatible With Your Nest Thermostat?

how long should you charge nest thermostat

To see USB compatibility with your Nest thermostat, here are some guidelines.

  • The Micro-USB port can be used with Nest Thermostat E, 3rd-gen Nest Thermostat, and 2nd-gen Nest Thermostat.
  • Mini-USB port can be used with 1st-gen Nest Thermostat

How Long Does Nest Thermostat Take To Charge After Power Outage?

Nest thermostats are a great appliance in the smart home category. They are used to control the temperature of your home efficiently. But they can’t work without the internet (power).

Now, the question arises that what happens to the Nest thermostat when a power outage happens?

It has an internal backup battery that activates when the thermostat loses power, but it operates for a short period. Moreover, when the thermostat is running on the backup battery, it loses its smart features and becomes a non-smart dumb device.

This means that the thermostat will work fine only when it is connected to the Internet. But, to prevent the battery to shut down completely, its system makes certain changes to make the thermostat consume as less battery as possible to make it up longer.

If you are not aware of this problem, you have to know that after shutting down, it will take 1 to 2 hours for the thermostat to again start working properly.

When the Nest’s power supply gets below 3.6V, it will disconnect Wi-Fi. You can check the power supply by going to Settings > Technical Info > Power. You will not be able to use the thermostat automatically, but you can use the thermostat by controlling it manually.

How to Check If Nest Thermostat is Charging or Not?

It’s very simple to check whether the thermostat is charging or not.

See on the front of the Nest thermostat if the light is blinking or not. A blinking light is an indication of charging. The colour of the blinking light depends on the charging of your thermostat.

How Does The Nest Thermostat Save Energy? (4 mechanisms)

how long should you charge nest thermostat

When you use a thermostat for a few days or weeks, the nest’s thermostat will change its settings accordingly.

It will change according to the weather, temperature preferences, and trends.

Now let’s discuss energy saving mechanisms of Nest Thermostat.

1. Thermostat Programmes Itself Automatically

When you use a thermostat for a few days or weeks and make some changes to it. The thermostat will remember those settings and will apply those settings afterward automatically without relying on you.

It’s a great feature of the Nest Thermostat to program itself.

2. Automatically Turns Off When You Are Away

When you leave the house daily, or at the same time. Your smart thermostat will notice this and will change its settings according to it.

So whenever you are going out, it will turn off itself based on the previous setting and control.

3. Adjust Its Temperature According To The Weather

One more amazing feature of this thermostat is it’s auto-adjusting the temperature according to the weather.

Your thermostat will adjust its temperature according to the outside to make you feel comfortable. The thermostat predicts the temperature that how quickly the temperature will drop or quickly the temperature will rise. So you don’t have to worry about changing the temperature of the thermostat.

Nest Thermostat C-Wire

What is Nest Thermostat C-Wire?

C wire is also called common wire which is used as a return path for continuous 24V power for the thermostat. It is used as a return path to power the thermostat.

Many people say that it’s the wire that powers the thermostat, but that’s not true.

Particularly, the wires that provide the power are labeled as Rc and Rh. They provide a source of 24V power coming from the HVAC board. These wires are separate in some cases and have separate connections, but sometimes they are the same wire. In that case, the wires will be named Rh/c.

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Draining Battery Very Faster?

Are you worried because your Nest thermostat is draining the battery faster than it charges?

Then don’t worry we will help you solve the problem. These are some problems for which your thermostat is draining the battery faster.

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Damaged thermostat display
  • Wiring issue
  • Poor power supply

Your thermostat will either have a red light or a green light. Your thermostat will not have any other light besides red or green.

Let’s deep dive into the problems and their solutions.

1. Restart Your Nest Thermostat

how long should you charge nest thermostat

Firstly, restart your thermostat to remove all the errors and temporary cache data that prevent your thermostat to work properly. Follow the given steps.

  • Press the thermostat ring, it will open the Quick View menu.
  • Then click and open the settings.
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Then on the next page, select the restart option to reboot your thermostat.

It will simply restart your thermostat without any loss. You don’t need to worry about your data. Your data will be safe.

2. Check The Wires Correctly

Check the wires correctly. Sometimes the issue may be because of your wires if they are not positioned correctly. You have to make sure that the wires are fixed in the right place.

Although the nest thermostat will charge itself automatically from the Rh or Rc wiring from the HVAC unit system. But checking the wiring is to make sure that every wire is placed correctly.

With the wires, also check the power cable or charging cable. If you find any damage to the cable, change the cable immediately.

3. Turn off Your Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi is out of reach for the thermostat, your thermostat can cause problems. Your thermostat battery can quickly discharge if it is always looking for a network to connect.

Ensure your thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi and is not finding it difficult to connect to Wi-Fi. Your thermostat battery runs low when it finds it difficult to connect to the network.

4. Connect The Thermostat to The Base

The thermostat must be connected to the base properly. The current will flow to your thermostat correctly only when your thermostat is connected to the base.

If your thermostat is not connected to the base, it will not work properly. Mount the thermostat to the base correctly and then see if the battery issue resolves or not.

5. Charge The Thermostat Via USB Cable

We know that we don’t need to charge the thermostat using a USB cable as it charges itself automatically through the HVAC unit. But try charging your thermostat via a USB cable to see if the battery still drains quickly or not.

Your HVAC unit may be damaged, and because of that your thermostat battery may cause problems. But note, that don’t use a local or duplicate USB cable to charge your thermostat. Always use a real box USB cable or one from official stores.

Many users before concluded that charging the thermostat via a USB cable solves their quick battery-draining problem.


In this article, we have talked about how long should you charge a Nest thermostat. We have walked you through the complete details of How to charge the Nest thermostat to Why the thermostat battery is draining fastly.

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1. Will My Nest Thermostat Lose Settings During a Power Outage?

No, your thermostat will not lose settings. As the Nest thermostat uses cloud-based storage in which your previous settings are stored safely. So during the power outage, your settings remain the same, and after the reset, it will resume its operation without any data loss.

2. How Long Should I Charge My Nest Thermostat For The First Time?

You don’t need to charge the Nest Thermostat as it is designed to charge itself by the HVAC system. Simply connect it to the wires, and it will charge itself automatically.

3. Can I Charge My Nest Thermostat With a USB Cable?

The answer is yes. You can charge. But you don’t need to charge your Nest thermostat manually.

The Nest thermostat is designed to charge itself automatically by the HVAC unit system. Although, you can charge your thermostat in case your thermostat is not charging itself.

4. What to Do When Nest Thermostat Shows Low Battery Icon?

When your thermostat shows a low battery icon, it is an indication that your thermostat is not getting enough power from the HVAC system.

Check the wiring and connection of the thermostat with the HVAC system. In most cases, resolving the power issue will eliminate the low battery icon from the thermostat.

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